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The Hebrew letter "Yud" represents the infinitesimal, unknowable nature of the Divine that G-d breathed into each one of us when He created us. Using this Divine force within us, we have free choice to do great good or great evil; on a daily basis, indeed at every moment, to do right or to do wrong. There are many voices today that deliberately ignore the ability we each have to make moral choices. Instead, those voices dehumanize us by reducing us as individuals to simply members of a social class, a gender, or race or national background, And yet the first humans a man and a woman -- in contrast to the animals and plants -- were created singly and individually to emphasize the importance of each individual in the Divine moral plan for the universe. By connecting to that Divinity within us, the "Yud," we have an ability to take responsibility for our choices and transform our world -- on an individual basis -- for the good.