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Shards of memory are all that is left of the Temple in Jerusalem. To connect, we have to assimilate the extent to which we are deeply disconnected. There was a time when the Holy Words of Torah were clear, pure, and deeply understood in the minds and on the tongues of every Jew. That deep knowledge created a closeness to the Divine and a Divine joy (Simcha) that we can only imagine now. By realizing how far away we are, by allowing ourselves to shed tears over that distance, we attain a perfection in Exile by virtue of which we may merit to see the rebuilding of that Temple, the one that will stand forever in Jerusalem. In doing so, we will not allow ourselves to be fooled by baseless hatred (sinas chinam) masquerading as "tolerance" and "unity" but that ultimately seeks to destroy all that is good, noble, and true about us. May we merit to see the truth in Jerusalem