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The Hebrew letter Samech (ס) is a fully closed letter representing the numerical value 60. Our Sages explain, "Age 60 is for entering the state of being an elder." Similarly 60 myriads left Egypt. The meaning of this is that by age 60, one has reached a full complement of wisdom, the perspective to guide and advise based on deep knowledge, hence the closed and unbreachable fullness of the letter Samech. A life that has been tied to Divine Wisdom in word and deed allows the person living that life to see that life come to a fruition of beauty, truth, and deep knowledge of God and His Ways, may we merit reaching such a state of being. And it follows from this that if you are on a path you know to be right, despite the naysayers around you, be strong and remain on that path and wait for the fullness of life to reveal its truth and beauty.