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195x124 cm on metal. The letter "Tzaddi" (צ) is part of the unique 5777 "Aleph-Beit" series. Each piece is unique; there is only one version of each work created and existing. Each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet represents a building block in which all reality came into being by the design of the Creator. In combination, these letters are the basis on which all existence continues to be created and maintained. The letter Tzaddi represents the fulfillment of the Mitzvot of the Torah in their totality and perfection. The Torah is as much about how we treat one another in everyday affairs as it is about ritual involving the relationship between G-d and the human being. That is the deeper significance of this work for me, but as with all the letters and the Torah in general, the possible layers of meaning are as infinite as the Mind of the One who is the Torah's