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We are reminded dramatically this Chanukah of the preciousness of the gift of Torah and the battle to keep the eternal connection of our people with our Torah pure. The Ancient Greeks and their fellow-travelers tried to trivialize the ultimate knowledge of the Divine and to deny our own special connection with the Divine. But the eternal right of every one of us to learn and connect to Torah, without elitism, without exclusion, free of improper traits of character, and always with joy and humor and love, will never die. Those things are eternal. The lesson of the powerful Divine light of Chanukah, which has always pierced the most oppressive darkness, is that our connection to one another and to our Torah is eternal, and those of us who merit a connection to it therefore live eternally as well -- connecting us to the light of Chanukah that emanates from the pure and uncompromised mercy of the Holy One, Blessed Be He. May we merit to connect to the light. Wishing you all a wonderful Chanukah. 168x120 cm on glass.