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Metals possess not only a physical but also a spiritual symbolism. That spiritual symbolism was visible when the Temple stood in Jerusalem two Millennia ago. Copper metal represents human nature in its spiritually unrefined state. Silver represents human nature capable of refinement -- via processes of purification and polishing. By contrast, gold represents the highest form of spiritual attainment and moral nobility. When we work on improving our own traits of character and our spiritual connection to one another and to our Divine source, we connect to that Source beyond the laws of nature, symbolized by the Hebrew letter Chet (ח), possessing the numerical value eight. We also can use our spiritual failings (or חאט), also symbolized by the Hebrew letter Chet, as a way to grow, using our failings as a motivational force to return and to reconnect to the Divine. Ink and paint on metal 120x100 cm. To purchase contact