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Iconography can be defined as the use of images and symbols to depict a subject, movement or idea. They have been used by artists for centuries to give viewers an immediate understanding. Examples of iconographies include washroom signs that indicate gender, the power button on mobile devices, as well as directional arrows. Understanding and interpreting the meaning of these symbols

Art is defined in very many ways and divided into many areas, such as folk art, contemporary art, modern art, classic art, to name a few. Especially with Jewish paintings, different techniques that developed over time, with access to more materials and learning from different cultures, sometimes give name to the pieces. Fresco, tempera, pastels, oils, etc. Aesthetic criteria can

Importance and Advent of Judaica The art in Israel has been contributed by Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Israel also boasts of a collection of artwork on Judaica. Judaica is the collective term for the artwork of objects and aspects of Jewish ceremonies and rituals. The act of adorning the rituals by the use of beautiful objects is considered respecting the commands

If you have ever visited the beautiful city of Jerusalem, you know that it is a stunning place to live and to view. Even if you haven't been, there is a multitude of artists who have captured her beauty through the visual arts. Menucha Page is the very latest word in Torah and Judaic-influenced art, but there are very many

The significance of the Hebrew language in Judaism The Men of the Great Assembly established the order of prayers used to this day. Among other things, we tell G-d: “You chose us from every people and language.” The Sages explain that out of sheer persistence, the Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish people never abandoned their ancient tongue. Origin of the Hebrew