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Jerusalem Artwork


After displaying in galleries in Herzliya and Jerusalem such as the Chabba Gallery and Rosenbach Contemporary Gallery, Menucha Page opened her art gallery in Jerusalem, where she displays her Jerusalem artwork right in the heart of Jerusalem including both paintings and mixed media art. The art gallery in Jerusalem is open to the viewing public via advanced appointment (see the contact information on this website) because this art gallery in Jerusalem is also her home gallery. Menucha Page’s Jerusalem artwork has been inspired both by the beauty of the Holy City itself, by the natural beauty G-d has created, and by the Holy Torah, by whose premises she builds her life and that of her family. In Jerusalem, paintings and art are often expressions of deep connection to G-d, and Menucha Page’s works are no exception.

She enjoys the creative process because it allows her to meditate on ancient themes in the texts and beliefs of the Jewish People. She feels the process has helped her grow not just as an artist but also as a person, but she will tell you that she still has a long way to go.