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In recent decades, the mention of famous Jewish artists in Israel brings up names like Menashe Kadishman, who, after his humble beginnings and work as a shepherd, began to paint and sculpt his version of sheep in all poses, on all things. Yaacov Agam, whose creations can also be found on water fountains and buildings, in vivid colors, using geometric

Iconography can be defined as the use of images and symbols to depict a subject, movement or idea. They have been used by artists for centuries to give viewers an immediate understanding. Examples of iconographies include washroom signs that indicate gender, the power button on mobile devices, as well as directional arrows. Understanding and interpreting the meaning of these symbols

Jerusalem holds deep historical and religious significance for the Jewish people. It’s been the center of the world ever since King David made it the capital of his kingdom in 1003 BCE. Today, the holy city continues to captivate much of the world’s attention. It remains a symbol of peace and unity. It holds significance in Jewish law. Jews outside of

Art is defined in very many ways and divided into many areas, such as folk art, contemporary art, modern art, classic art, to name a few. Especially with Jewish paintings, different techniques that developed over time, with access to more materials and learning from different cultures, sometimes give name to the pieces. Fresco, tempera, pastels, oils, etc. Aesthetic criteria can