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Like the artwork of Menucha Page, numerous masterpieces of modern art have been inspired by Jewish religious traditions. Renowned artists such as Marc Chagall  found inspiration in Judaic spiritual traditions. Among the most outstanding examples, the symbolic artwork of Marc Chagall incorporating fiddlers on the roof and angels exemplify the vast influence of Jewish spirituality and traditional Jewish paintings on

If you have ever visited the beautiful city of Jerusalem, you know that it is a stunning place to live and to view. Even if you haven't been, there is a multitude of artists who have captured her beauty through the visual arts. Menucha Page is the very latest word in Torah and Judaic-influenced art, but there are very many

The significance of the Hebrew language in Judaism The Men of the Great Assembly established the order of prayers used to this day. Among other things, we tell G-d: “You chose us from every people and language.” The Sages explain that out of sheer persistence, the Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish people never abandoned their ancient tongue. Origin of the Hebrew

Significance of art in Jewish culture As in all cultures, art was intended to inspire and connect human creativity to Divine beauty as embodied in the Torah. Art was also used to convey Jewish experience – from joy to suffering – as well as the never-forgotten expectation of the Final Redemption with the coming of the Messiah. Art in pre-modern jewish