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Menucha Page is a Jerusalem-based Jewish woman artist combining ancient themes of Torah Judaism and values with contemporary artistic techniques....

… in painting, drawing, photography, woodwork, glasswork, and metalwork. Exhibiting both out of her home gallery in the historic Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel, and in the Rosenbach Contemporary Gallery on King David Street next to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem, Menucha Page’s style ranges from the abstract to the expressionist, to the representational, with themes ranging from the Hebrew alphabet to the ancient Jcwish calendar. Menucha trained among other things at the New York Institute of Photography and under the artist Rivka Bergson. She was raised in a family of 12 children and herself raises a traditionally Torah-true Jewish family based on eternal values that flow from the learning of ancient Torah texts and precepts, actions, and moral principles passed on through the generations. Her art combines eternal principles with cutting-edge contemporary artistic techniques in ways that inspire and imbue her art with deeper meaning.

Menucha believes we should stand up for what is right, even when that is not always popular or simple to do. After making Aliyah to Israel, she renovated an abandoned historic preservation structure in Jerusalem that had been built by Jewish laborers a century-and-a-half before in the heart of the historic Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot near the city’s Mahaneh Yehuda Market.

Menucha’s art seeks to renew and reinvent itself, much as she seeks to do in her own life. At the tender age of 18, Menucha took a job in the telecom industry at a prominent US- and Israel-based company, eventually rising to the position of executive managing a team on two continents before leaving the company a year after marrying her husband, David Page, to raise her growing family.

After experimenting in the development of new artistic techniques and striking a chord in the art world with her unique blend of ancient themes and contemporary art, Menucha Page opened her gallery in her Nachlaot Jerusalem art space, while exhibiting at the Rosenbach Contemporary Gallery as well. Menucha’s work has been exhibited in galleries, private homes, and other venues throughout the world. She has been commissioned by influencers to execute everything from abstract to expressionist to representational work that expresses those influencers’ deeply held values.

Her home gallery is open to the public by appointment in advance