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4 Tokyo International Art Fair Artists Definitions of Art and Inspiration for 2021

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4 Tokyo International Art Fair Artists Definitions of Art and Inspiration for 2021

The Tokyo International Art Fair is an event which allows artists from around the world to feature their works of art. You have an eclectic group of artists from around the world with very different backgrounds, perspectives and inspirations. These are manifested in their works of art which you won’t want to miss. Here are four featured artists for the 2021 event.

1. Cho, Hui-Chin – London, UK

Cho, Hui-Chin finished her Bachelor of Fine Art degree at Slade School of Fine Art in 2018. Having grown up in a multicultural country, she prefers to use an wide range of contemporary and vintage materials. Cho defines art as being the dialogue between her aesthetics, symbolism and the latent meaning. She views painting, sculpture, photography as being the same manifestation. Cho’s inspiration comes from iconography, and has the predilection for baby figures such as the Putto in Italy. A Buddhist, Cho believes in reincarnation, and therefore takes a ‘baby’ as an ambiguous creature in between life and death in a series of movements in her artworks. She leans towards the darkest humanities and the existence in between life and death.

2. Parjam Parsi – Tehran


Parjam Parsi, a self-taught painter, currently lives in between 2 cities: Yerevan (Armenia) and Tehran(Iran). Parjam doesn’t know how to succinctly define art, but has demonstrated it through his paintings as well as short novels. He is heavily inspired by German/Russian literature which influence both his art pieces as well as his writings. Notable pieces of literature that influence Parjam include poetry, a tragic event, personal failures and things I can not change or fix in real life


Anibal has presented multiple solo exhibitions and participated in more than forty collective exhibitions both in his country and abroad, spanning across three continents. He defines art as being everything that a concept proposes within the communication of humans. Anibal derives his inspiration from the human being, a feature in his art works.


4. Israeli Artist Menucha Page – Jerusalem, Israel

Menucha Page is an Israeli Jewish Artist to be featured at the Tokyo International Art Fair. Menucha was born in Lakewood, New Jersey, in the USA and lives in Jerusalem, Israel.  She trained among other things at the New York Institute of Photography and under the artist Rivka Bergson.  Menucha combines ancient themes of Jewish mysticism and scholarship, including the Hebrew letters themselves and ancient texts, with contemporary mixed media techniques involving painting, metalwork, and photography.

Menucha defines art as beauty combined with the ability to have the viewer view the world differently.  She gets her inspiration from both the ancient Torah itself and into the natural world and try to channel and reflect the depth and beauty found therein.


Four artists, four parts of the globe, and four different sets of perspectives and inspirations for art. The Tokyo International Art Fair is an event you won’t want to miss.

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