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NFT Art and Israeli Art Galleries in Jerusalem

NFT Art and Israeli Art Galleries in Jerusalem

A Fire in the Gallery

Years ago there was a visual artist who drew many portraits of women, with detailed renditions of hairstyles. His work was pencil and coal, sometimes ink, on paper. One fateful day, there was a fire in his studio and all his work burned to ashes. Crushed, he sat and cried for the longest time. No amount of money paid by the insurance company would bring back the pieces over which he toiled to create.

Indeed, the volatility and lifespan of materials resulted in a lot of loss for artists for eons and still do.

Contemporary Art Options and NFT Art

Contemporary artists very often digitize their works, whether to upload to a virtual, online gallery, make prints for sale, or otherwise safeguard their intellectual, if not physical, property. Digitizing, however, only makes it easier to steal and reproduce, from high-quality, high-resolution files. Some artists post their creations with watermarks or very small, low-resolution images.

What Is a High Quality, Digital Image?

An image that can be scaled to the largest size without losing resolution and without becoming pixelated, as well as reduced to the smallest size and still keep its definition, is a high-quality digital image. This has been the rule for many years and predates digital graphics.

Logos were traditionally done in black ink on white background, with crisp, clearly defined lines. The image could then be printed in any size necessary, whether on signs, stationery and the like. They were guarded with one’s life, protected from moisture and the paper was kept from creases and folds.


Today’s digital computer age can, at the very least, scan the hand drawn or painted works in very high resolution. Once the pieces that you can see in Israeli art galleries in Jerusalem are saved on a digital file, such as jpg interchangeable format, it can then be minted as an NFT. The blockchain technology that makes non-fungible tokens possible protects buyer and seller and validates the image as one that has an original work of art behind it.

Israeli Art Gallery, Jerusalem and NFT Art

So, if you navigate the world wide web and look for Israeli art galleries in Jerusalem, many sites that will be listed in the results will have their own virtual displays of the original pieces. From the comfort of wherever one chooses, a surfer can select the piece he or she wants and collect it as NFT art from a gallery in Jerusalem, Israel. Avoid the crowds, save time and money and have a collectible piece with validated authenticity. A smart contract ensures this and gives each token its own complex, serial code, which makes it one of a kind.

Menucha Page is an American-Israeli artist with her gallery in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem. She is entering the NFT world, and her one of a kind, digitized contemporary art pieces, steeped in ancient tradition with a modern twist, would make for prime tokens.

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