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Jewish Israeli NFT Art and Auction Houses

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Jewish Israeli NFT Art and Auction Houses

Many are shaking their heads and asking who needs it and what it’s for but non-fungible tokens are gaining in popularity and according to experts, here to stay, for the long run. Like a snowball rolling downhill but at warp speed, this blockchain technology with a twist is moving forward at warp speed.

Jewish Israeli NFT Art

Israel, the startup nation, is no slouch. Not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon but each day, cheaper minting platforms emerge and today there are Jewish Israeli artists coining NFTs at a record pace. Ethereum’s pricier platform has encouraged other, far less costly, cryptocurrency platforms utilizing smart contracts to host NFTs, such as Cardano and MATIC.

In Israel, many Jews are discussing NFTs like the weather. It’s the local mentality and unlike Bitcoin, which is a bit more far-fetched, once a cryptograph is bought, it can remain as a file or be printed in any size, on anything, with a selection of medium based inks.

Why an NFT?

For the same reason collectors pay a king’s ransom for some items and way more than the original price for, say, baseball cards, collectors of all kinds will soon be able to spend on NFT art pieces, either as a pure investment, or to simply suit their tastes and interests. Cheaper hosting will mean that more tokens can be minted by typically modest income artists and also sold at lower prices. It can  become win-win.

Furthermore, there has been talk over the last couple of years that Ethereum will upgrade to version 2.0, thereby providing scalability on a busy blockchain to keep transaction costs very low. Considering how versatile Ethereum is, this is important news for a much more established platform.

Will Auction Houses Offer Jewish Israeli NFT Art?

To date, Christie’s is the only auction house of its size that has taken the plunge to get into the digital art game, having recently sold a collection of Cryptopunks for 17 million dollars. Many smaller galleries, however, have emerged online to allow artists to mint their tokens and enable collectors who are in lower tax brackets, bid for them. Game’s on and it is all above board. Jewish Israeli NFT art is seen everywhere and it’s a boon because many buyers feel that they buy not only for aesthetics but also for their souls.

The Jewish rooted images touch them in a very deep way, that makes them tingle when they look at a Chanukah menorah, traditional candlesticks or Sabbath candles, images of Jewish families or individuals in traditional, religious garb, etc. These things transcend the physical and though they are spiritual, they root the observer and a feeling of wellness washes over him or her.

Menucha Page, formerly from the United States and presently in the Nachalat Shiva neighborhood of central Jerusalem, creates pieces inspired by her deep love and devotion to her people and her family, while at the same time, reflecting her generation and the more modern, technological age. Now, on the cutting edge of blockchain technology, she can create Jewish Israeli NFT art that people the world over can have access to and acquire.

Gallery Visitors

Minting tokens and displaying will also strengthen an artists’ brand. Even mildly curious skeptics can learn the names of Jewish Israeli NFT artists and find them online, whether via social media or websites. Should those artists travel abroad to exhibit their works, or stay in Israel and exhibit in local galleries, more traditional buyers may more likely be inclined go to see their art in person.

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