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 Jewish artists in Israel across different eras

 Jewish artists in Israel across different eras

The land of Israel has been the birthplace of many artistic movements, and different eras exist in Israeli art. The land is at a confluence of routes from three different continents. The cultures of Asia, Africa, and Europe were brought into the land via travelers and merchants. The artists in Israel had a lot of influences to draw from, and this is reflected in the works of prominent artists, especially the Jewish artists of the early 20th century.

The founding of the Bezalel Academy of Design in 1906 by the artist Boris Schatz was a significant event in the circuit of art in Israel. The Academy was the first of its kind in the entire region, and within a few years, it became famous. A lot of promising artists started enrolling themselves at the academy. The world started noticing the art that was coming out of the region, which would later become the state of Israel. The different eras that shaped the art scenario in Israel and the prominent Jewish artists in Israel during those eras became known names not only in the region but in the history of the entire world.

Migdal David Era

The era is said to be very prominent from 1910 to 1935. The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design brought the styles of Europe to the region. The interaction of creative thoughts with the local traditions and culture gave birth to the Migdal David Era. The artists started going against the customs of European styles, methods, and themes. They returned to the history and the culture of the region to the time of the King David Era.

Reuven Rubin was a very prominent artist of this era, among others. He is also considered to be among the very first of Jewish artists of Israel. Reuven’s works contained themes with the biblical landscapes. The works had the touch of Yemenite, Arab and Hasidic Jewish folklore, and stories. Rubin had his solo exhibition in the Tower of David in 1924.

Political Era

The time after the Yom Kippur War was when the society of Israel changed its school of thought, and the people, in general, saw the bloody side of the Israeli-Arab conflict. The sufferings of the Holocaust were also a prominent emotion that was depicted in this era. Art became the mirror for the political thoughts of the society.

Tsibi Geva is an important artist of Israel and a prominent educator in the domain of Design and Art. Tsibi Geva is seen as one of the notable painters of the political era. Many of his works contain the theme of Israel-Arab relationship with modern techniques.

Contemporary Era

The contemporary era kickstarted at the end of the 20th century, and the close relations with the United States and Europe brought about this revolution in the art arena of Israel.

Menucha Page is one of the notable illustrators of the 21st century and the contemporary era as well. Her works are inspired by the artists of the Migdal David Era. She takes elements of religion, tradition, and culture in her paintings, which are the confluence of the modern techniques, expressions, and styles and the classical themes. Menucha believes in a life according to the Holy Torah, and her paintings reflect that.      

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