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Where to find art for sale in art gallery Jerusalem

Where to find art for sale in art gallery Jerusalem

Israel is the land of old ways and traditions, yet it is also the country that has taken up the ways of the new world and indulged in every trend and customs of the modern world while keeping their history and practices intact. Jerusalem is the best example of such a city that has been steeped in the rich and vibrant history, yet it is one of the most modern cities. The exact reflection of this unique phenomenon can be witnessed in the art galleries of Jerusalem. The entire city of Jerusalem is an idiosyncratic experience in itself. The city has to offer bustling markets, unique and multicultural food, and the art which is paralleled nowhere else.

The brilliant brush strokes for sale

Many tourists have the longing to buy the art from their travels, and most of the art in a country is usually a priced possession of the government, and it is not for sale to the common masses. Well, Israel is a country that gives you a unique offer to buy the artwork of not only their upcoming artists but also the veterans form various galleries. There are many pieces of unique artwork for sale in Israel, and Jerusalem serves as a center for this business. The city has been a center of art since biblical times. Jerusalem is the ideal place in Israel to look for art as it offers a unique concoction of tradition and contemporary.

The best places to look for art-sale in art galleries in Jerusalem are as follows:

The Jerusalem House of Quality: The gallery is situated at 12 Hebron road, Jerusalem, and it has been one of the premier places for the artwork of contemporary art for the last 25 years. The gallery specializes in glassware, ceramics, and jewelry mosaic and metal artwork.

Menucha Page’s Fine Art Gallery: Menucha page is a contemporary Israeli artist who has displayed her works in Herzliya, Jerusalem, and the United States of America. She is a permanent member of the Rosenbach Contemporary Art Gallery. She also runs a private art gallery in the Nachlaot region near the Machaneh Yehuda market. The gallery is open to visitors on appointment. Menucha’s artwork is a unique blend of traditional themes and contemporary styles. She is one of the few contemporary artists who have retained their conventional themes of art and yet taken in the new techniques of the millennia. Her abstract artworks revolve around characters from Hebrew, and her paintings with modern style have a background theme from the Torah.     

Time Art Gallery: The gallery is known for pop art and is famous for the unique techniques displayed in the artwork. Many collectors covet the artwork shown here due to the vibrant colors and the experimentation done by the veteran artists. 3-D art is also a significant part of the collection here, and the tourists have an excellent opportunity to purchase the work of the recognized Israeli artists. The gallery sits on 15 Queen Shlomziyon Street, Jerusalem.


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