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21st century artists in the galleries of Israel

21st century artists in the galleries of Israel

The region of Israel, even before it was known as the state of Israel, was known for its vibrant and excellent art. Since the 19th century, art has been flourishing in the region at the hands of Jewish artists. The art that was done during those periods usually had a traditional and religious theme. There were characters taken from the biblical story and set-up in different landscapes. There were exact depictions of religious stories as well. The opening of the Bezale School of Design in the early 20th-century art received a boost in the region, which had cradled it for a long time.

With the creation of the state of Israel, there came up many galleries throughout the country, and heaven for artists-Jerusalem became the hub of Israeli art. These very galleries became the sole reason behind the development and propagation of Israeli art. The galleries became an excellent stage for the upcoming artist to showcase their work to the entire world. Over time, the land of Israel gave rise to many talented and hardworking artists who made a unique place in the whole world, for themselves and their art.

The 21st-century artists of Israel are not the artists who were born in the 21st century, but these are those artists who were born during the mid and later 20th century. These are the artists whose majority of the artwork came into being or were exhibited during the 21st century. The famous 21st-century artists include:

Raida Adon: She is known by the Israeli public as the actress in plays, theatres, and the person behind TV series like “Fauda.” What most people don’t know about her is that she is a very talented and gifted video artist. Her work ‘strangeness’ was displayed at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Eran Shakine: Eran Shakine was born in 1962. The artist is notorious for his bold portraits of very famous cultural personalities in an unusual yet slightly funny context like ‘Picasso frying and Egg’ and ‘ Freud dozing in his famous armchair etc. The artist has displayed many artworks in the Israeli Museum, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, British Museum, London, and Ludwig museum Germany. They are also the places where Eran Shankine is a permanent member of the museum.

Menucha Page’s Fine art gallery:  Menucha Page is a Jewish woman who lives her life according to the commandments of the Torah, and this religious belief and culture are predominant in her artworks as well. The artist has abstract works based on letters from the Hebrew language. Menucha page is one of the very few 21st century artists who have kept the traditional theme and yet taken up the new techniques of the field of art. She is a permanent member of the Rosenbach contemporary art gallery and manages her gallery in Jerusalem.

Gil Morco Shan: The artist is one of the best in ‘installation art,’ and his artworks are displayed in the Tel Aviv museum of art and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem 

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