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The Modern Judaica Artwork

The Modern Judaica Artwork

Importance and Advent of Judaica

The art in Israel has been contributed by Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Israel also boasts of a collection of artwork on Judaica. Judaica is the collective term for the artwork of objects and aspects of Jewish ceremonies and rituals. The act of adorning the rituals by the use of beautiful objects is considered respecting the commands of God. The Jewish households have had a long history of ownership of beautiful ritualist ornaments and utensils. The inspiration for such artwork comes from the Hebrew Bible. The Midrash literature takes about glorifying God by the work of humans. This literature led to the creation of one of the oldest and beautiful forms of art.

Change in Judaica Over Time

The old Judaica was usually metalwork or heavy pieces which could be used directly in the ceremonies and yet be excellent pieces of art. Those used to be intricately designed Shabbat candlestick holders, Kiddush cups, Havdalah Spice box, and Hanukkah items. The old artwork used to be only the materials or the objects that could actually be used in the ceremonies. The modern Judaica doesn’t limit itself to that line. The modern Judaica is open to the paintings and craft pertaining to the depiction of the ceremonies as well or even the artistic representation of the objects usually used in the rituals.

Issues With Older Forms of Judaica

The primary problem with the older and more ceremonial artwork and paintings pertaining to Judaica was its maintenance and restoration. The restoration and maintenance of these art pieces and objects are done according to Jewish religious laws. The older form of Judaica consists of relics as well of the holocaust era, and those are very valuable. These issues made older Judaica pieces challenging to be purchased and kept by the younger generation, which led to the need for a revolution and change in the form of art.

Modern Judaica     

The modern form of the Judaica uses the latest technology to experiment with the style, beauty, and depiction. These artworks do not require the maintenance and restoration norms but still depict the Jewish culture. The modern Judaica is usually ready to mount, display or use, unlike the older form which used to be mostly canvas or metalwork. The older style of Judaica had to be prepared for display or use. Inclusion of changes and technology in modern Judaica has almost removed that aspect and most of the contemporary Judaica is use-ready.   


The Jewish artwork has also, always been rooted in the traditional backgrounds and religious colors have always been seen. The connection between the divine, nature and art has always been the speciality if the traditional Jewish artwork. Menucha Page is one such Jewish artist who has been trained at New York’s Institute of Photography. Menucha’s work has always been a depiction of the Torah mixed with abstraction and impressionism. Her collection of Jewish artwork for sale has a surreal blend of ancient themes with modern aspects of abstract art. The works sync beautifully between their contemporary and traditional aspects. Her work is displayed in her gallery at Nachalot Jerusalem. The gallery is open to the public by appointment in advance, and it is the best place to witness the complimentary presence of tradition and impressionism of Jewish culture.




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