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Best Art Galleries in Jerusalem

Best Art Galleries in Jerusalem

Art and Jerusalem

Art has been an essential part of cultures that flourished in the land, which is now “The State of Israel”.Even when the Jewish culture and religion are not considered, then also the native dwellers of the area considered art to be a vital part of their culture and life. Countless accounts throughout the history show and tell us about beautiful temples, idols of the native dedicated to Baal, Asherah,etc.The sculptures that are documented or found in these sites tell us about the excellent art that the early Israelites had. In most of these documentations, the holy city of Jerusalem is mentioned. It goes without saying that this city has been cradling the art and culture of this region from ancient times.

Other than being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Jerusalem is the city that has preserved the culture. Anyone travelling through the city, can at one glance feel that tradition and history have been beautifully kept safe in the town. The city has always been the beacon which has attracted artists, sculptors, and painters in its midst. Art galleries in Jerusalem have always been a crucial part of a tourist’s itinerary. Not only that, throughout history, it has also attracted clients for the works of those artists, and the art market of Jerusalem has always been bustling.

Art Galleries in Jerusalem in Modern times

  • The Israel MuseumThe foremost among “art galleries- Jerusalem” the places in the city that have been the safehold of the ancient tradition and culture of this ancient city is The Israel Museum. The museum is located near Israel’s supreme court and the Knesset (the Israeli parliament). The museum houses the magnificent arts wing which is the congregation of breathtaking traditional fine arts samples and contemporary pieces. The museum is also the home to the Art Garden which overlooks the mountains. A traveller’s tip for the museum is to give the place some time. There is a lot to see and admire, and it requires time.
  • The Museum of Islamic Art:The museum was set up in 1974 to promote tolerance in a very troubled region, and it houses the rich artistic history of the Islamic world. Most of the artifacts kept here are dated between the 7th and 16th century A.D
  • Jerusalem House of Quality:This is a comparatively new establishment which has been supporting the upcoming artists for about more than half of the century now. The gallery boasts of exhibitions of small scale but grandeur. Glassware, metalworks, ceramics and modern Judaica among other contemporary Jewish artworks are displayed. The museum is also the centre for music, lectures in art and culture.
  • Bible Lands Museum:This has been described as a time module that too, an interactive one. The museum displays the wonders of the ancient world and the culture and life of the pre and early Christian era.
  • Private Art Galleries:There are many private art gallery in Jerusalem as well. One of these is Menucha Page’s art gallery which is in the heart of Jerusalem. She depicts the traditional essence of the holy city, the natural beauty created by god. She believes in life according to the Holy Torah, and that is captured in her paintings as well.

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