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Things You Should Give Up to Be a Successful Artist

Things You Should Give Up to Be a Successful Artist

As artists, we know that what is commonly called “mazal,” but is in reality Siyata di’Shmaya (heavenly assistance) is everything. Exposure to the art-viewing public is the expression of that success: Whether in temporary exhibits, permanent gallery presence, or social media presence, it is impossible to know where and when a work or art or an entire genre of our art will break through to the right audience. Because the right audience waits with anticipation for the flash of creativity that that specific artist brings into the world. This meeting of art and its future patron is the great imponderable. The unknown quantity is the identity, the mood, and the heart of the viewer. The right match between a work of art and the right viewer is the key goal for both the artist and the viewers, who is otherwise over-saturated with artworks that fail to move them.

Giving up the words “not enough.”

If you are an artist, and you have a clear artistic vision to share with the world, remember never to give up on reaching that moment, that meeting of the minds between you as the artist and the art-viewing public.

Most contemporary Israeli artists have showcased their talents across the world, and we are privileged to work with those who don’t give up easily. Take, for example, Menucha Page, whose impressive portfolio of curated works in collections globally showcases her artistic vision, educating and spreading awareness about Jewish art infused with ancient keynotes. Her optimal use of techniques, media, and colors -both from ancient and contemporary creative techniques is a reflection of her devotion to spreading the message of Jewish art and Torah-inspired art across the globe.

Give up on superfluous comparisons

Never compare your work with others or worry about the competition. As our Sages assured us, “No kingdom intrudes on another.” All of us have unique talents that lie within themselves, and they should try to showcase their skills and expertise across the world in various ways. Your work has a value because it comes from you and your artistic vision. It may be similar or substantially different than other works of art out in the world. And taste is subjective and is also a function of the artists, there is no objective “better” or “worse,” there is simply “Your Art,” and expression of the imponderable You. At Menucha Page Fine Art, whether in exhibits across the world or in her home gallery, you will find a unique blend of ancient and modern Jewish art.

Giving up on worrying about “what will be” and focus on simply realizing your vision

If you are an artist, don’t lose sight of what makes you an artist: The creative vision and the hard yet fulfilling work of creating the artworks themselves. So give up on worrying about the “what if’s” and “what will be’s” and concentrate on the key factor that ultimately will make you great: Realizing your creative vision in your works of art.

Give up on frenzied working

We understand that hard-work is an essential prerequisite to artistic success. However, you also have to consider the fact that artists don’t work all the time. Try to take some time off from your hectic schedule and to appreciate the people and things around you, the inspiration for your vision as a fine artist. Exploring different places and meeting new people can help you in building great content.

Give up on “perfectionism”

Nothing is perfect, and art is not supposed to be perfect. Indeed, perfectionism in art is a recipe for paralysis and artist’s block. If you want a beautiful piece of work, then you must know how to give up on the “perfect” in the pursuit of the “good.” Nobody in the world can be entirely right or perfect. Creation is a process of production, growth, and development. Stop running behind in pursuit of perfection and instead focus on developing quality pieces of artwork by developing your skills every single day without fear or worry.

As an artist, you will have to give up on certain unrealities if you want to become truly great. To seek inspiration, check out Menucha Page’s collection of Israeli art, which is a unique blend of ancient and contemporary artistic themes and techniques that have developed and thrived in Jerusalem, Israel.

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