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Israeli Art – An Overview Of The Emerging Art

Israeli Art – An Overview Of The Emerging Art

Let’s take a look at the emerging traditional Jewish art market in Israel. A country that is quite famous for being the “startup nation” is now producing incredible artists.

Once overlooked by the artworld, Israel has proved that it not only has natural beauty in its ancient landscapes but is also home to numerous talented artists. In today’s world, due to the increasing attention to the digitalization and the world of art, and social media in particular, the small nation of Israel is able to showcase its talent to the people around the globe, and we are glad to offer our own assistance to that effort. A small country has made a significant impact on the art market through online website platforms such as Menucha Page Fine Art.

Small country making a significant impact

Israel is a country about the size of the city, New Jersey, the fifth smallest state in the United States of America. Besides this, the population of the country is also about 8.5 million, which is the same as the population that of New York City.

There are mainly two “epicenters” of art movements in Israel that produce great artists – Tel Aviv and the holy city of Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv is known to be the cultural center within Israel that hosts many art galleries, while Jerusalem is the home to the reputed Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. These two cities gives the world the maximum number of Isareali artists. A country with new traditions

Modern Israel is relatively young. It was resettled by the students of the Gaon of Vilna and those of the Baal Shem Tov over 250 years ago, who joined existing communities of Sephardic Jews. These were soon joined by Yemenite Jews, who were followed by waves of religious and subsequently non-religious Aliyah. Formally, the modern State of Israel emerged in the year 1948 out of a UN resolution, and since then, Israel in general and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in particular have become home to many artists. Many artists from Israel are immigrants. They emigrated from their home countries and have traveled to Israel, there to become famous artists. Similarly, there are artists like Menucha Page who express those ancient ideas and deeply held feelings of the Jewish people in her artwork. You can also view the artwork by clicking on the private collection of Menucha Page Fine Arts on our official website. You will also come across some interesting Jerusalem Israeli art that she has painted by herself or make a reservation to tour her small but beautiful historic home gallery in the historic Jewish neighborhood of Nachlaot.

Since it was refounded after the long Exile of the Jewish people, art culture in the country has witnessed many changes. While so-called “socialist realism” dominated the Israeli art scene where socialist, Marxist, and communist-inspired elites once reigned, as Israel matured, there has been a return to authentically Jewish culture.

For much of the Israeli artworld, the ancient themes of the holy Torah imbue the creative substance of Israeli art today. Menucha Page’s unique work falls squarely within this trend in terms of the ancient sources of artistic inspiration on which she relies, while remaining unlike the art of her contemporaries in technique and composition.

You can review our abstract artwork, Jerusalem artwork, Judaism artwork, Judaica artwork, Jewish artwork, Hebrew letter artwork, and many more by visiting our official website.

Who buys Israeli art?

Our collectors and buyers hail from all over the world, including the United States of America, Israel, and Europe. On social media, we release mockups of some our newest compositions on a regular basis. We also love to explore new places and try to get in touch with other artists so that we can improve ourselves and our work. We also provide many opportunities for other artists to collaborate with us to produce new projects. During the last week of October and early November, for example, Menucha Page traveled to the US to partner with designers in the New York and New Jersey area.

Where can you buy Israeli art?

As digitalization is rapidly expanding across the world, it has become easier for you to visit online websites and select your desired piece of art. You can also order online to receive Israeli artwork delivered to your doorstep.

Online platforms are accessible by anyone across the world. Users can register themselves in the platform and start placing orders that they prefer to buy. Similarly, we also have an online platform that allows you to get in touch with us and do business with us, ordering artwork remotely. We would be glad to assist you, and our team will help you in developing great pieces of work.

Apart from these online platforms, you can also walk into our art galleries in Jerusalem where you will not only see great artworks by different artists but also you can buy your preferred ones at affordable prices. Sometimes, you will see come across our exhibits and events that are organized by galleries and dealers, promoting Menucha Page’s art in those events.

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