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Beauty and Ancient Truths as Art
Contemporary. Eternal. Original. True.
A Curated Collection of Original Visual Works on Metal, Glass, Wood and NFTs
For Museums, Galleries, and Private Collections

Jewish Contemporary Art with Ancient Keynotes

Menucha Page Fine Art, sold in fine art galleries and out of her historic studio gallery in the historic Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem near the Machaneh Yehuda Market combines ancient themes from traditional Jewish sources in the Torah with modern techniques, including painting, sculpture, metalwork, and photography to combine the ancient with the contemporary and modern in exploring our relationship with the Divine. 

Menucha Page’s art is versatile, including both works based on the Hebrew alphabet, ancient Torah sources such as the Babylonian Talmud, and abstract works.  She has exhibited in exhibitions in Herzliya, Jerusalem, and the United States of America, and is currently a permanent part of the Rosenbach Contemporary Gallery on King David Street next to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem outside the Old City Walls, as well as exhibiting in her own Nachalot gallery by exclusive appointment only.

Menucha Page is the proprietress of an Israeli art gallery in Jerusalem, Israel, and is an Israeli artist and Israeli painter with an innovative contemporary repertoire of Israeli painting and Israeli art.